UPDATE - Music Bots | Play YT!!

The Music Bot System was updated, you are now able to play music via YouTube.

More Information in the description of the channel:
📝 → Get a Musicbot (EN) ← 📝

Voting system works again!

The voting system now works again.
If you want, you can vote on the following 2 pages:

Vote for
Vote on
(You will get a group on the server. -> IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU USE THIS LINK!!)
[You can vote every 12 hours!]

Vote on
(No group here and only with steam.)
[You can vote every 24 hours!]

Where is my User-Channel?

All User-Channels have been deleted, because of a new database.
You can create a new one, by joining the Channel:
» Join HERE, to get a User-Channel «

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