If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.
As soon as you are RN | Member or higher, you can enter the channel "► JOIN, to get a User-Channel ◄".
The bot will automatically create one for you.
Do you want a music bot in your current channel?
If one is currently free, you can see it if the music bot is inside the channel "🎶 M U S I C 🎵".
Just write a message to your desired music bot with "!come" so that he will come to you.
As soon as you no longer need him, you can send it back with "!goaway".
If you have found a bug or have a suggestion for improvement, you can contact a team member on the teamspeak server, write a message using the contact form or write us a E-Mail to admin@regiumnova.de.
It depends in which area.
Unfortunately you have to understand that we do not need further help in every area.
Should you still think that we could use your help, please feel free to contact admin@regiumnova.de via email.
Please let us know in the message where you would like to support us.
You can see the reason in your ban message.
You can send a unban request to admin@regiumnova.de.
We still decide on our own whether we want to unban you.
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