§1 Naming

Fake names are forbidden.
Nicknames must not contain offensive or other prohibited or protected names or parts in it.
Invalid nicknames are permanently banned from the server!

§2 Disrupting calls

Users who intentionally disturb conversations and show no insight even after repeated admonitions must expect a channel or server kick. In unreasonable cases, temporary bans are imposed, up to permanent ban.

§2.1 Music bots and general bots

Music bots are allowed in closed channels with PASSWORD. In channels that everyone can join, they are banned and kicked. In addition, you have the duty if you operate such a bot, this also adjust accordingly in terms of volume. If you don’t do, there is a ban for players and bots! Musicbots have to be clearly identifiable. Furthermore, bots are forbidden that just have founders channel admin. Bots are not allowed to have a founder channel admin even if they have a function.

§3 insults

With us the general netiquette applies, who does not master a reasonable tone and offends others, whether direct or subtle, must live with the consequences.

§4 sounds

Obscene noises or noise of the headset are to be omitted! It is also asked to set the microphone that the breathing is not constantly heard or if you eat alongside and you have nothing to say please disable your micro.

§5 Channel Hopping

It is forbidden, not just rumbling around the area, whoever flies.

§6 TS3 rights

Begging for server rights like Moderator ('M'), Channel Administrator ('C') or Server Administrator ('A') is not allowed.

§7 Disputes

Private misunderstandings and disputes are private and do not belong to the TS3.

§8 Authority

The Teamspeak team (admin / moderators) has full authority on the server. Those who don’t follow the instructions of the team will be warned and kicked in case of emergency. If this heaps up a spell is to be expected.

§9 Control rights

Each member of the Teamspeak team (admin / moderators) can switch to a protected channel unannounced or move individual users to control a conversation.

§10 Hacker attacks

Any attack against this or other servers of the First Colo GmBH is punishable. The IP addresses are logged and, in the case of an attempted attack, of whatever nature, brought to criminal prosecution. This applies especially to flooding with various programs and DOS attacks.

§11 Record calls

The recording of conversations on the entire server is only allowed in consultation with the present users of the channel. We protect your privacy.

§12 Advertising

Any kind of active advertising for your own purposes is prohibited, if not previously agreed with an admin. By advertising we mean audio advertising, voice advertisements, links and text messages to the channel or individual users, as well as files with advertising content, which are uploaded in the channels.

§13 Kicking and banning

No one is banned or kicked for no reason! ALL Teamspeak team members (admin / moderators) have permission to kick and ban people if they think it is necessity.
A kick or spell is at no time unfounded, but should encourage reflection on one's own behavior. Inappropriate kicks / bans must be reported to the responsible admins.

§14 Privacy

Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords etc. may not be exchanged publicly. A server admin or channel admin appointed by the team will never look for your password or ask for the password.

§15 File upload

It is not permitted to distribute pornographic and / or copyrighted material (movies, music, etc.) in one channel to anyone else, including avatars.

§16 Members

The hijacking of members is forbidden on our server!

§17 Pornography and racism

Extreme pornographic or racist statements or content is not allowed! This leads to an immediate ban! This also applies to nicknames and channel names.

§18 TS3 rights

Teamspeak rights are not awarded indiscriminately, but always serve a specific purpose. If necessary rights can be addressed to the responsible admin.

§19 Legal responsibility

The legal responsibility of the contents (pictures, links or text) is assumed by the user.

§20 Emit as a team

Using nametags before the name (for example: [Moderator], (Co-Admin) or {Admin}) is strictly prohibited.

§21 TS³ Bugs

The exploitation of a Ts³ bugs is strictly prohibited.

§22 Voice distorter

Voice enhancers or similar technologies are not allowed.

§23 Polite form

On the TS everyone can be addressed with 'you'.

§24 Ear Rapes

Ear-rapes or similar sounds are generally prohibited on the Teamspeak.

§25 Identity theft

It is forbidden to call yourself like another and thus to fake his identity.

§26 Registration requirement

All users are required to follow the TS3 server rules. If a rule violation is detected by a user, it must be reported immediately to an admin.

§27 Proxy, VPN and IP Changer

Using proxy servers, virtual private networks and IP changers etc.
is prohibited in any form.

§28 Bots

Any bots (except music bots) are forbidden without asking an admin!

Ignorance does not protect against punishment.
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